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Aroma Booster Mask


Medical mask for intense poppering
Put some cotton wool with your fav aroma in the canister for intense effect
Close off the two holes with your fingers and inhale deeply
Release the two holes for a BANG at the end
This is a disposable item

Additional information


With this medical mask on you can intensely enjoy your favourite poppers and you never have to look for or reach out to the well-known brown bottle in the middle of a session.

Put a little bit of aroma on some cotton wool and place it in the small canister of the mask. Put it on and inhale deeply for the desired effect. By closing off the two holes on the side of the mask with your fingers an even heftier flow is created, and when you release the holes at the end you can finish with a real BANG.

This mask is cheap and works perfectly. It has only one disadvantage: aromas tend to deteriorate the plastic of especially the canister, the plastic become brittle. So clean thoroughly after use to make it last longer and do consider it as a temporary or disposable aid to your most intense moments of arousal.

Dispose of the plastic tube included with the mask, it has no use.

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