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BRUTUS Airmesh Chastity Cage - Clear


Lock Him Up!
Chastity Cage by BRUTUS
Light weigth with ventilation holes
With three sizes ergonomical cockrings
Lock with Stealth metal lock, or with the special adapter and disposable plastic locks

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Lock Him Up! The BRUTUS Airmesh Cage is an ideal chastity cage for long-term wear. Because this Airmesh cage is made of lightweight plastic and has small ventilation holes, it is so comfortable that you hardly notice you’re locked.

The cage is equipped with three different sizes of ergonomically designed cock rings so that it always fits and does not pinch. Make sure the cock ring is tight enough so that the cock is not accessible, but not too tight so circulation problems can arise.

The biggest plus of the lock is that it is completely concealed. You don't have to worry about an annoying padlock dangling and rattling back and forth next to your cock. The seamless integration of the clasp greatly increases wearing comfort.

The lock is placed diagonally at the top of the cage so that it is easy to place.

In addition to the regular metal lock, this Airmesh Cage also contains a plastic locking pin that you can replace the lock with. This non-metal locking pin allows you to use the cage with one of the supplied plastic locks so that you can pass airport security without any problems.

Cage size is medium: 7 cm long, 3 cm in diameter.

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