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BRUTUS BARREL Turn-On Nipple Clamps


Nipple Clamps from the BRUTUS Steel Series
Pinching sensation creates an erotic stimulation of the nipples
With sturdy chain so you can pull or add weights to increase the sensation
Great accessory for BDSM-play. Combines fantastically with bondage
Adjustable clamps so pressure can be increased

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BRUTUS presents these metal nipple clamps in its Steel Series. (Nipple clamps). These metal nipple clamps from the BRUTUS Steel Series are tough and sturdy. The pinching and pulling experience stimulates the nipples, which is a wonderful erotic experience.

Most BRUTUS Nipple Clamps are adjustable, so you can increase the pressure and associated sensation. At the beginning of the game start quietly. The painful and exciting sensation of the clamps diminishes over time as your nipples get used to them. By then tightening the clamp you create a renewed wave of pain and pleasure.

Place the clamps as far as possible on the nipples to prevent slipping or shooting off.

BRUTUS Nipple clamps are all equipped with a sturdy chain for tightening or for hanging weights. This provides an even more intense experience.

Nipple clamps are great sex toys in BDSM play and combine especially well with bondage.

The most fun and intense moment of playing with nipple clamps is at the end, when you take them off. That is the most painful moment that especially the top will enjoy.

The BRUTUS Nipple Clamp range is a wide range with something for everyone, whether you are a novice player or a seasoned Master / Mistress or pain slave: there is always a clamp that you can enjoy.

Many of the BRUTUS Nipple Clamps have plastic caps at the end of the clamps. These caps are there to make the experience a bit milder and to ensure that the clamp stays in place. If you like a harder game, you can of course remove these caps, this increases the pain sensation.

These are the BRUTUS Barrel Clamps, with a large curved jaw with a good grip on the nipple. Characteristic of the BRUTUS Barrel Clamps is that you screw the clamps closed, as it were, by turning the barrel in the middle. This allows you to increase the pressure enormously, making this clamp ideal for experienced players. The barrel is large and sturdy enough to be easy to operate, even with slippery hands or with thick gloves on.

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