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BRUTUS Premium Rosebud Pump Cylinder


Handcrafted premium quality Rosebud Pump Cylinder for vacuum pumping by BRUTUS
Grow your own rosebud!
Includes a quick connect/disconnect safety valve that maintains the vacuum after you disconnect the pump
Features a wide flange and optional silicone sleeve for a good and comfortable seal
Includes two soft silicone positioning rods of different length to choose from

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This BRUTUS Rosebud Pump Cylinder is a premium quality handcrafted cylinder for vacuum pumping.

Have you ever wondered how to create your very own sexy rosebud? This BRUTUS Rosebud cylinder offers the perfect answer!

This BRUTUS Rosebud cylinder is a premium quality cylinder. The quick connect / disconnect valve ensures the vacuum is maintained when the pump is disconnected. The connector is the standard connector which is used by all hi-end vacuum pumping brands. The use of the BRUTUS Vacuum Pump is recommended, but this cylinder can also be used with pumps from other brands such as Dr. Kaplan or LAPD.

Lube up the soft silicone positioning rod until the soft silicone seal touches your anus and start pumping slowly and gently. The vacuum will cause your rosebud to develop; prolonged and repeated pumping will enhance the result.

The cylinder itself also features a wide flange for a comfortable and good seal, which can even be enhanced by using the soft silicone sleeve which is included with the product.

The BRUTUS Rosebud cylinder comes with two sizes soft silicone positioning rods: a short one (4.3 inch total length, 2 inch insertable) (11 cm / 5 cm). And a long one for more advanced players (6.3 inch total length, 3.9 inch insertable) (16 cm / 10 cm).

Size cylinder: 3.5 inch length x 2.25 inch inner diameter (8.9 x 5.7 cm).

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