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BRUTUS Shower Bulb Intimate Enema Douche 224 ml.


Easy to use silicone enema, can contain 224 ml
Suitable for both anal and vaginal use
Combine with lubricant
Perfect in combination with anal toys
With non-return valve so water does not flow back into the bulb

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This black silicone anal shower from the BRUTUS line makes it easy to enjoy anal or vaginal sex! This exciting anal shower is easy to use and cleanses you effectively.

Of course this enema bulb is not only for anal cleaning but also for vaginal use. This body-safe silicone shower has a 224 ml bottle and cleans your intimate parts in an effective and mess-free way. The squeezable pump is easy to use; Fill it with water and then carefully insert it with a little lubricant if necessary. Then carefully squeeze the ball empty.

This BRUTUS Shower Bulb Enema also features an additional non-return valve that prevents the water from flowing back into the bulb when you stop squeezing. Which makes this shower extra hygienic to use!

The nozzle is small and therefore very nice for novice players. This anal shower is truly an ideal partner to carry with you so that you are ready for some wonderful action anytime, anywhere!

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