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Gas Mask Air Mix Board


Offers endless opportunities for gas mask breath control play!
This Air Mix Control Board has three connections for breath play toys plus a fresh air inlet, each individually controllable
Play with fresh air (or no air) and alternate with a Rebreathing Bag, Bubbler Bottle, Breath Reducer or your Aroma dosage system
Popper up or sniff smelly socks, sneakers or dirty underwear
Hanging board with clamps and Dee-shackles included

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This Gas Mask Air Mix Control Bar offers you unprecedented possibilities for your gas mask breath control play and takes your erotic breath play to the next level!

One side of this Air Mix Control Bar is to be connected to your gas mask hose. On the other side there are four connection options for breath play, of which the connection at the end is really only intended as unimpeded fresh air intake, as a safety feature.

Each connection is equipped with its own operable shut-off valve, which is easy to operate even with slippery hands or with thick rubber gloves on.

By slightly opening or closing a valve you play with (fresh) air or the lack of it. If it all gets too intense for the sub, the top can open the fresh air valve in 0.1 seconds, allowing the sub to catch his or her breath again.

This Control Bar is mainly intended as a connection for one or more breath play toys from our gas mask breath play range. Play with and switch between your Rebreather, Bubbler Bottle, Breath Reducer or your Aroma dosing system.

By using an aroma dosage system you can popper up heftily, but that is certainly not the end of the story in terms of aromas. Let your imagination run wild, and think of sniffing sneakers, smelly socks or dirty underwear.

All connections have standard M40 gas mask hose threading.
The board has two eyelets with Dee-rings for easy suspension with ropes or chains.

Gas masks and breath play are hot and exciting, and with this Air Mix Control Bar you can easily make it even hotter! But as with all breath play toys, solo breath play is a known killer in the kink scene. NEVER play alone and NEVER leave the sub unattended, not even for a minute.

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