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Gas Mask Diaphragm Connector Male-Male


Connector for gas masks / gas mask hoses with variable opening
Uses aperture technology known from classic SLR cameras
Functions as a Breath Reducer with the greatest conceivable control over airflow
Easy opening with a small lever
Available with male/male or male/female connectors

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Our gas mask department goes hi-tech with this fantastic connector, equipped with a diaphragm opening, which allows you to increase or decrease the airflow in a fraction of a second without any effort.

This product is inspired by the apertures used in classic SLR cameras. A small lever on the outside of this connector controls the fine mechanics of the 12-blade diaphragm. The minimum opening is equivalent to just a tiny pinhole, resulting in an almost complete cut off of airflow. The maximum opening ensures a completely unhindered passage of air. This Breath Reducer is therefore superior because it offers the greatest conceivable control over the airflow that passes through it.

Place this connector between your gas mask and a hose, or between two gas mask hoses. Both sides of this connector are equipped with the standard M40 gas mask/gas mask hose connection.

Available in two versions: one is male-male (for connecting two gas mask hoses, each with a female connector). The other has a male-female configuration (for use between a respirator and a hose).

Reducing air intake while breathing with a respirator increases breathing resistance. The need to work harder and longer to get air greatly increases the thrill and excitement of your gas mask breathing game experience. The ability to further regulate the airflow of this little bugger is a powerful additional mind fuck for the gas mask wearer.

Please note that this is a nice mechanical hi-tech toy. Make sure that there are no mechanical influences from other objects and that grease, lubricant, poppers or other liquids do not affect or even destroy the fine mechanics of the membrane.

Gas masks and breathing play are hot and exciting to play with, and with these hi-tech toys you can make it even hotter! But like all breath play toys, solo breath play is extremely dangerous and a known killer in the kink scene. NEVER play alone and NEVER leave the sub unattended, not even for a minute.

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