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Gas Mask Stinky Sniffer Bottle


Discover the erotic power of scent!
Gas mask canister for intense sniffing of strong-smelling or stinky substances
For gas mask pigs who like smelly socks, dirty underwear or other stinky kinky stuff
With good ventilation all around, not suitable for liquid substances
Can also function as a dimmer for immersive cigar playing

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We know a lot of you gas mask pigs love the erotic smell of smelly socks, dirty underwear or any other stinky kinky stuff that makes you all horny and crazy.

To completely immerse yourself in your favorite aroma, we have created this beautiful canister so that you cannot escape your hottest stench when wearing a gas mask. It can be easily screwed onto all gas masks and gas mask hoses that use the standard M40 thread (= the vast majority of gas masks).

The chamber of this can of about half a liter has many small holes drilled on the outside. The combination of these ventilation holes with the 10 cm perforated inner probe ensures that you get good recording all the way to the bottom of the can.

The airy construction is made to sniff the aroma of solids because liquids tend to leak out, but from experience it also works with poppers if you use just a few drops on a smelly sock or underwear (so you get the best of two worlds).

Last kink we tested: it's a dimmer for cigar playing. When you fill the canister with fabric, the fabric dims the immediate and overwhelming effect of cigar playing, avoiding an overdose of smoke in too short a time.

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