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MOI Play and Rim Seat


Adjustable Play & Rim seat
Designed to give or get the ultimate rim job
With adjustable head and backrest
Rubber hand grips offering that extra push downwards
Included mounting rod to be attached on MOI Power Engine 2.0 Fuck Machine

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Take a seat or get comfy underneath! This amazing rim seat is designed to give or get the ultimate rim job or (hole) eating experience.

The actual seat-part, which can de put up and down like a toilet seat, is made of easy to clean, kinky black PU-Leather.

With only 8.5 kg. this rim seat is light weighted but super strong. The height of the seat and headrest can be easily adjusted by using the pinch pins.

The rubber hand grips on the sides offer extra help when trying to sit tight or just give that extra push downwards. At the same time these can also be used while underneath, to help stay in position or do pulls ups when trying to reach that extra depth with your tongue.

The adjustable backrest is covered with a foam layer for extra comfort when leaning backwards, but can also be used for easy grip to move the seat around and put it there where it’s needed most.

With the included mounting rod you can easily transform this rim seat into a fuck seat, by releasing the headrest, clicking on the mounting rod and attaching the compatible MOI Power Engine 2.0 Fuck Machine.

GUY version:

GIRL version:

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