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Mystim Barry Bite Bipolar Electro Clamps


Bi-polar, electrically conductive nipple clamps
For tingling, pleasurable pleasure on nipples etc.
Slider for the desired bite
Clamps with electrically conductive surfaces for particularly intensive and even stimulation
Easy to clean with mild soapy water and disinfectant

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BARRY BITE - Be careful, Barry wants to pull your nipples through the tabs!

Be prepared for Barry Bite to have no hesitation whatsoever in taking you to task. The nipple clamps grip neatly wherever it is needed. For example, they create a tingling, pleasurable pleasure on nipples, labia and other areas of the body. As for where Barry Bite is supposed to prove his enormous bite, I'll leave it up to your imagination - you'll come up with something.

Barry Bite gets right to the point with E-Stim. Each of the two bi-polar, electrically conductive nipple clamps only stimulates the tissue that lies exactly between the two clamp halves. You can therefore have both nipples treated at the same time. This toy has 4 stimulation areas... That means extra fun. With our Tension Lover or Pure Vibes you can get started straight away. If you already have our Cluster Buster, just use our Y adapter and you're ready to go!

I promise, you'll quickly get the hang of letting Barry Bite really tease you. Thanks to the slider, you decide for yourself whether he lives up to his name and bites hard or whether he prefers to just nibble on you tenderly. After all, your nipples aren’t supposed to “nip off”. The electrically conductive surfaces also ensure particularly intensive and even stimulation. If you don't take a bite, you're really missing out.

Cleaning & Care
Clean thing: The best way to clean Barry Bite is with a mild soapy water and at regular intervals with a disinfectant. In the end, all that remains is that that’s it when it comes to cleaning. Great, then the fun won't be neglected. And that's the only thing that matters.

Technical details
• Type: E-Stim nipple clamps
• Weight 2 x 40g
• Color: Black
• Poles: 2 (bi-polar)
• Electric stimulation device required
• Connection via the Mystim round plug
• 12 months warranty
• Instructions for use in DE, EN, FR, IT, SP, NL and RU

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