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XTRM Gas Mask MAX Popper Dosage System


Add some extra fun to your gas mask with this adjustable XTRM MAX Aroma Dosing System
Large aluminum bottle delivers poppers directly into your air intake
Vary between your favorite aroma and unhindered fresh air with the simple turn of a knob
Brings extra breath control play fun to your fingertips
Take your next gas mask scene to new heights

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Screw some extra fun into your gas mask with this fully adjustable XTRM MAX Aroma Dosing System!

This little trick consists of an aluminum bottle of maximum size (with a capacity of 60 ml) with a dosing connection, which is screwed directly into the air inlet of your gas mask. Once connected, it will feed you your favorite poppers, adding some extra fun to your gas mask breath control game.

What makes this XTRM Gas Mask MAX Aroma Dosing System unique is that it is fully adjustable. With a simple turn of a knob you can vary between a shot of poppers and unobstructed fresh air, or something in between. This allows you to catch your breath after a big shot or have a minimal but constant flow and maintain an optimal high without overload.

The grip knob that puts the dosage within easy reach is ribbed and easy to operate, even with greasy, slippery fingers or wearing thick rubber gloves. Change the air supply from MAX to AIR (and vice versa) with a simple movement of the hand.

Instructions for use: put some cotton wool, filter tips or paper tissues in the can. Drizzle some aroma on it (only a little bit is needed). Screw directly into the air inlet of your gas mask. Thanks to the universal M40 gas mask thread, you can of course also connect to a gas mask hose or another breath control toy for gas masks (such as the air mix control bar).

Wash thoroughly after use and allow to air dry.

Packaged in a super handy camo cotton storage and travel bag. A regular bottle cap is also included for convenience, but storage and travel with a loaded canister is NOT recommended.

The gas mask image is intended to demonstrate the use of this product only. A gas mask is NOT included.

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